Mace C++ Graph Library 1.0
The fast and flexible graph library for C++. Developed by Matthias Mace H├Ądrich.

This is the installation instruction for MCGL.

To install MCGL use the setup file which comes with the downloads. It will install the library, set the path variable and install the MCGL Suite.
If you don't want to use the setup (against recommendation), you can also install the library and MCGL Suite separately.

Installing the Lib separately.

Make sure you have downloaded the correct version of MCGL, which doesn't contain a setup, but the library files themselves.
Copy those files to a directory of your choice, e.g. c:\mcgl\. After copying the files you need to set the environment variable for PATH to the library folder of the mcgl. In this example simply add c:\mcgl\lib to PATH.

Now you are ready to develop software using the MCGL. If you want to run a program, which contains functionality provided by the MCGL simply ensure that mcgl.dll is located in the same directory as the executable.

Installing the MCGL Suite

To install the MCGL Suite, please use the MCGL Suite setup.

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