Mace C++ Graph Library 1.0
The fast and flexible graph library for C++. Developed by Matthias Mace H├Ądrich.
Mace C++ Graph Library Documentation


What you are reading is the documentation for MCGL - Mace C++ Graph Library. It was designed and implemented by Matthias Hädrich who is also known as Mace among his friends.

This library is written in and for C++ and concentrates on high performance and low overhead, concepts which can be found all over the code. The code itself is designed in pursuance of economical memory management and fast operations on graphs.


Mace C++ Graph Library

The library comes as a dynamic link library (DLL) for Microsoft Windows.

MCGL Suite

The MCGL Suite is currently under development and is supposed to provide a graphical user interface which allows the user to create graphs and perform all operations on them which are provided by the MCGL. The current stage of development of the MCGL Suite is a rough GUI design without any functionality. Because development is currently focused on optimizing and enhancing the library itself, a release of the MCGL Suite is not planned in near future.


The library comes as a dynamic link library (DLL). Therefore the header files are needed to implement functions from this library.
A more detailed instruction on how to create projects which use the DLL, is located on the Building an application page.

Further information

For more information you are welcome to send an e-mail to or

For support requests, e.g. when you've got a bug to report, visit the sourceforge MCGL project overview.

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